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10 plants to bring colour to your garden

10 plants to bring colour to your garden

We all appreciate the importance of using colour in our home and how this can bring a space to life. However, we see many properties that forget to that this same principle can be used to bring their outside space alive and more inviting.

Here’s our guide on 10 of our favourite plants to bring colour to your garden.


An abundance of blue, ceanothus looks wonderful in early summer, you almost feel like the plant is humming as it attracts so many bees.


Alliums, what a joyous sight they make, from the tiny little flowers on chives to the grand and up right ones. So many varieties to choose from, which one is your favourite.


These striking blooms come in a diverse range of colours from soft yellows to striking pinks, bringing a pop of early summer colour to your borders.


Peonies,  in our view a stunning addition to any garden.


Poppies make a striking addition to any garden, but has anyone else experienced previously white ones coming up as red this year? And can anyone explain why?


Thyme, not only makes a fabulous addition to the garden, and is super easy to grow in a pot or container. It also means you can add this fresh fragrant herb to your favourite dishes.


Hostas come in all shapes and sizes but don’t you these look like exquisite leaves have been delicately painted?
Great for growing in pots, which means they can come with you when you move.
What a little beauty this Potentilla Flamenco is, love the strawberry shaped leaves and the vibrant red flowers.
Whether your growing them in a container on your patio,  climber along your walls or filling your borders with their their range of colours and fragarences roses, roses are an english garden essential in our book.
Acres make a fabulous addition to any garden and when they find a spot they love, they flourish.
By growing them in a pot they can add colour and interest to your patio, deck areas or even outside your front door and means you can take them with you when you move to your new home.
We hope this feast of colour has given you inspiration for your own garden.
Until next time.

Stephanie Evans

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