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Spotlight on Ruth’s perfect place

Spotlight on Ruth’s perfect place

Ruths home moving adventures began with her decision to give herself the freedom of a mortgage free life by downsizing.

We first had the pleasure of meeting Ruth when this decision led her to book a viewing of a development of new build homes we were marketing for an independent developer in Derbyshire.

These homes were proving incredibly popular, and we were on the 3rd and final phase of the scheme with only a limited number of detached homes still available  With a sale already secured on the Show Home Ruth had to have the vision to see beyond the part finished property we had available to show her.  Ruth knew what she wanted and could visualize how this new place could give her the financial freedom and lifestyle she’d been searching for, less time spent heating and cleaning rooms she rarely used in a large multi leveled house and more time to socialize with friends and family in a home that gave her the kitchen diner and garden space to do this.

We were delighted that not only did Ruth decide to reserve a plot, but she also invited us to sell her Sheffield home, a place she’d loved living for the past decade.

As with any big decision, there came a lot of hard work.  Ruth painstakingly went through her treasures, a rather full garage and 3 floors of furniture and began the process of deciding what to keep and what wasn’t coming with her on her adventure to a home which didn’t have a garage and was considerably smaller.

As we all know, the more space you have, the more space you fill, so it was time for Ruth to get ruthless, say goodbye to some of her shoe collection, safely pack up her so very cute Homepride men in readiness for their place in her new kitchen and bring only her favourite Wonder Woman memorabilia.

Working with Ruth to achieve her move was a pleasure, she sought guidance and support from friends, family and her professional team.

She worked hard not only making decisions on the property she was selling and what she’d be taking with her but also a raft of decisions about the final finish in her new place. Thankfully Ruth is a natural communicator who prefers to pick up the phone and have a conversation, rather than rely on email. This meant the speed and flow of information between us made our role of supporting her in her move to her new perfect place even more pleasurable.

A huge thank you to Ruth for opening her new home to us and letting us share her story.  It was wonderful to see her settled and making it her own, and lunch outside on her patio was delicious and showcased just one of the many benefits of her move to her perfect place.

Until next time.




Stephanie Evans

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