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The wonderful world of bungalows

The wonderful world of bungalows

If you’re planning to move home, have you considered a bungalow? Perhaps you’ve seen one in the     for-sale listings, but discounted it as being a property choice only for someone who is retired, or looking to downsize.

But bungalows are seeing a huge surge in popularity. And, far from being the property of choice only for retired people and the elderly, bungalows are increasingly chosen by families and the younger generation, for the many benefits they offer, both as a living space and investment.

What is a bungalow? Some bungalow facts

A bungalow is usually a single storey property that has all of its living space on the ground floor.

The word ‘bungalow’ actually originates from a Gujarati word meaning ‘Bengali’ and was first used by Europeans in the seventeenth century to describe a ‘house in the Bengal style’. Since then, bungalows have become popular in many parts of the western world, although they were not built in significant numbers in the UK until the 1930s.

Why bungalows make a unique and appealing home

We are seeing increasing numbers of bungalows being snapped up by buyers in their late forties and fifties as well as occasionally younger families. Let’s take a closer look at why bungalows are gaining in the popularity stakes.

Large-sized plots offer potential and privacy

Because bungalows are all on one level, and usually detached, the plot size tends to be large and private. Not only does this make for a sizeable garden that isn’t overlooked, which is increasingly rare to find when searching for a property these days, but offers the potential for renovation.

Think porches, utility room, orangery or even whole-scale living quarter extensions. As the garden is typically quite large, extensions can be made without much compromise to the outside space so the owner has the best of both worlds in terms of indoor and outdoor space.

Potential to extend 

Of course, providing planning permission is approved, there is nothing to say that bungalows cannot be extended upwards, either by opening up the loft space or adding a further storey to accommodate a growing family, or provide separately accessed flat or annexe.

Future-proofing for retirement

We have an ageing population in the UK and bungalows are increasingly being sought by the younger generation and families already looking to secure their independence with a forever-home offering all the flexible living space they need.

With the potential to extend upwards and outwards, with bathrooms remaining downstairs and central, the property is likely to see them through to older age and retirement, when mobility may be reduced.

And, with grown-up children remaining at home for longer these days, bungalows cover all the requirements of a multi-generational family.

Open-plan, stylish living

Originally constructed for people with mobility issues, bungalows tend to have fewer supporting walls and an open-plan structure. But open-plan living is what many of us want these days as we knock walls down between dining and kitchen and living areas. The open-plan structure is usually already the case in bungalows and can provide that on-trend stylish outlook from the outset.

As bungalows are all one level and usually detached in their own plot, the abundance of vertical space can also offer a very airy, spacious outlook. This in itself can be really appealing, offering an abundance of light and sunshine into the property.

A good investment

 There has been a decline in the number of bungalows being built in the UK since the eighties. This fact, along with increasing demand, means that prices are rising exponentially, compared to other property types.

According to statistics, the average price of a single-storey home, or bungalow, in 2021 was 17% higher, with other types of homes in the UK.

Is a bungalow right for you?

Bungalows usually come to market when an elderly family member has passed away after living in the property for a long time. For this reason, although not always, they may need extensive renovation and modernisation, so be prepared as a buyer to put in the work and expense to turn it into the living space you really want.

However, it’s not always the case that bungalows need renovating. The opposite can also be true and they can be move-in-ready, as well-loved and cared for homes.

Bungalow-love is here to stay

Unless house builders start to react to the increasing demand of bungalows amongst buyers by building more of them, at myplace we see the trend of bungalows’ increasing value highly likely to continue.

And, as the next generation comes through, buying and transforming them to meet their needs, it makes sense, if you’re a potential bungalow-buyer yourself, to be ready to buy and move as fast as you can.

Until next time.


Stephanie Evans

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