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5 ways to a pain free move

5 ways to a pain free move

Take a moment, cast your mind back and try to remember what you were doing this time 7 years ago. I’m guessing it’s a struggle? I’m not surprised as many of us would find it hard to remember what we were doing 7 days ago, never mind 7 years. On average, we Brits move to […]

Take your bathroom from tired to tempting

Take your bathroom from tired to tempting

There’s no doubt about it, bathrooms play an important part in selling your home. If yours is looking a little tired, don’t despair we’ve got some helpful ways to take it from tired to tempting.                 Let me walk you through the changes that were made on the […]

Garage Conversion,  what to look for

Garage Conversion, what to look for

Transforming a garage stuffed with junk into a useful room is a popular choice, particularly for home with an integrated garage; but what should you look out for if you’re looking to buy a home with a garage conversion? It’s not uncommon for homeowners to carry out such a conversion to meet the ever-changing needs […]

How to find your dream home when you’re short of time

Cramming the added pressure of moving house into your already busy days can be a daunting and off putting thought.  You simply feel you haven’t got the headspace to even begin to think where to start. Don’t despair, help is here in our quick and simple guide, making it easy for you find your next […]

5 Essential Kitchen Updates to Sell your House

Its true kitchens are the heart of a home and having a attractive kitchen does matter to buyers but before you rush out and buy a brand new Kitchen to sell your home, STOP!!!! Replacing your Kitchen just to sell your house us not a good idea and you could risk spending more than the value you […]