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Spotlight on Lynn’s perfect place

Spotlight on Lynn’s perfect place

We were delighted when Lynn Woods agreed to be part of our Spotlight series,  she welcomed us into her home so we can share with you her perfect place. When she offered to write a piece on her journey to her familes perfect place we were tickled pink.  We hope you enjoy Lynn’s story…

Introducing Lynn’s search her perfect place

There’s a saying in the car industry ‘it’s about getting bums on seats’. What does this mean? Glossy magazine pictures of beautiful looking cars are great. Watching an ad on T.V of a car wafting along a winding country road on a sunny day might be appealing. Listening to the roar of an engine on social media might be tantalising. However, until you sit in a car, smell the interior, touch the steering wheel and press that accelerator pedal yourself, you can’t fall in love with it.

We spent hours, days, months, years scrolling through houses on Rightmove. We then deliberated for a long time before we put a Myplace ‘For Sale’ board in our front garden. We had the usual list of basic requirements; With two teenage children we wanted plenty of parking. We also wanted more than one bathroom so there wasn’t a constant queue to get ready for work in a morning.

But there’s more than basic requirements to create a home. I’m a foodie and I love to cook. I had a vision of a kitchen with lots of light and glass. Somewhere that could feel like outdoors inside. I wanted a place to prepare meals while chatting to family and friends. I wanted somewhere to sit together to eat our meals.

When my husband called me to say ‘I’ve found our next home’ before I’d even been to see it, I was hesitant. He was driving past as the ‘For Sale’ sign went up in the front garden and called in to chat to the builders on the chance he could take a quick look around. He fell lucky and really liked the house. When he called me to set up a viewing, I was reluctant to go and see it. I knew the plot as we had driven by many many times. But I also knew it would not get any sunshine on the back garden (that was another basic requirement for me). For the 4 days we get the sun, I want to be able to sit outside! I reluctantly went to view the house as my husband convinced me that we would get sunshine on the side garden even though the back outside space was likely to end up as a patio area. We arrived at the site, I took one step through the door, turned to my husband and said ‘we need to buy this house, this is exactly my vision for a kitchen’. He simply said ‘I know’.

This is now our home. It’s my happy place. Yes it does have my dream kitchen/family living area but it has much more too. It’s light, spacious and tranquil. Plus it delivered on those basic requirements for multiple parking and bathrooms!

My advise is. Stop scrolling and looking at pictures. Wondering if the lounge will be the right size for your corner sofa or if you can upgrade your bed from a double to a king size in that space. Go and take a look. Experience the space. Chat to the sellers. With the help of Steph at Myplace Boutique Estate Agents you can find your next home. Not just your next house.

Making a personal recommendation to someone can be a risky business but not in this case. Steph was personally recommended to me and my husband and I can honestly say she is the best estate agent I’ve ever worked with, (this is the 10th property I’ve bought so I’ve worked with a few).

A huge thanks to Lynn for sharing her story with us.
We look forward to sharing more home moving adventures with you again soon.

Stephanie Evans

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