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10 Top Tips for those looking to Downsize

10 Top Tips for those looking to Downsize

Downsizing Guest Expert

We’re delighted to welcome this month’s Guest Expert, Teresa Moore.

Having recently taken the big step of selling the home she’d loved for over 20 years Teresa has been kind enough to share her Top 10 Tips for Downsizing, all drawn from her own recent experience.


  1. Decide it’s the right thing – way up the pros and cons – if the pros win, it’s a no brainier.


  1. Don’t let others – especially children affect your decision – it might have been their home but they will leave and make their own homes eventually.


  1. Pick a good estate agent!! Crucial to the process – a good one will not only look after you throughout but also have good recommendations for other services you need – solicitor, removal company etc


  1. As soon as the decision has been made, start decluttering, and when you think you’ve gone as far as possible, start again. You will not realise how much ‘stuff’ you have accumulated over the years. Be very ruthless. All those vhs tapes, CDs, DVDs have to go – modern technology is the way forward. Subscribe to Spotify for your music. Plenty of entertainment providers for films. Get a kindle for books and get rid of most of them. The lovely display case might not look right in the new house!


  1. I watch the property programmes – in particular the selling houses ones. When the experts tell sellers to strip their personal things from display, many owners resist. But in addition to attracting buyers, it actually serves a really important part of the process – it allows you time to turn your home back into a house. This helps you to become detached and lessens the emotional attachment to the house, so that when moving day arrives, you are not leaving your home, you are leaving a house that you are ready to leave.


  1. As soon as you decide it’s time to downsize start looking for your smaller home, but don’t delay putting yours on the market – it might take some time to sell, resign yourself to go into rented if you’ve not found the ‘forever’ home, look at it as a bonus if you find the perfect home at the same time yours sells.


  1. If you have a big house, try to negotiate selling your furniture to the new owners. Chances are they are upsizing and won’t have enough to fill yours, so it does you both a favour – the less there is to take, the easier it will be. Don’t try to cram your pieces in a smaller place – have fun, buy new!!


  1. It is stressful, no getting away from that, but with planning, lots of lists, it will happen


  1. How far are you moving? Can you manage yourselves with a van or do you need a company? If it’s diy – make sure you have a handy person for dismantling beds, taking TVs off walls etc, preferably one with muscles – it’s hard work!!


  1. Box things early and label them. Nothing worse than arriving at the new house and not knowing where the kettle is!! ( I know from experience! )

A big Thank You to Teresa for taking the time to share her experience’s with us.

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Simon Chandler

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