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3 questions to ask before changing Estate Agents

3 questions to ask before changing Estate Agents

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Deciding to move is a massive decision but when you’ve made it you just want to get on and get to your new and exciting chapter.  So if your property isn’t selling this can be incredibly frustrating and can leave you feeling in limbo. With your thoughts leading to what should you do next?

One solution many people turn to is to change estate agents, but is this the best solution?

Let us help with these 3 questions :-

1. Communication – how frequently,  what manner and tone are your current estate agents using to keep in touch with you? If they are communicating to you in this way this will be manner in which they are communicating with buyers.  If it’s proactive, friendly and frequent then great,  if it’s not then this could be one of the issues.

2. Advice – everyone’s  ideal situation is that buyers will love your home as much as you did, you put your house on the market with minimum changes and achieve the highest price. Unfortunately these situations are rare,  the reality is that your estate agent should be there to help, guide and advice of how to get the most from your property to attract your target buyer.  When your property isn’t selling then this becomes even more critical to achieving your sale.  If your agent is coming up with options, guidance and solutions to unlocking your sale, then fabulous,  if not then……

3. Contract – when you instructed your estate agent you will have signed a contract with them.  This will set out how long you’ve agreed to market your property with them, notice periods and any costs of terminating your contract.  If you’re unhappy with your current estate agent before appointing another agent, check the small print as this will keep your overall sale costs to a minimum.

Swapping agents can be a daunting prospect,  but making the change to the right agent can have fabulous results and get you out of limbo and back on the road to your new dream home.

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