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5 Essential Kitchen Updates to Sell your House

Its true kitchens are the heart of a home and having a attractive kitchen does matter to buyers but before you rush out and buy a brand new Kitchen to sell your home, STOP!!!!

Replacing your Kitchen just to sell your house us not a good idea and you could risk spending more than the value you will add.

Don’t despair though we have some cost effective steps you can take to make your Kitchen more attractive to buyers.

  1. Declutter your work surfaces, leaving only the essential on view and making sure what ever is left out is colour co-ordinated.
  2. Have an oven any chef would be proud of.  We’re not suggestions you go out and swap your oven for an all singing and dancing range but make sure your oven is gleaming,  paying particular attention to glass doors on eye level ovens.
  3. Your bacon butty may be your weekend treat but the smell of someone else’s breakfast is not the best smell to greet your buyer with.  So put this indulgence on hold on days when you’ve got a viewing.
  4. Spruce up your decoration. Your kitchen is a workplace so the wall and ceiling will get grubby over time.  Its worth investing in a few tins of paint and refresh this key area of your home.
  5. Colour and coordination is appealing to buyers so whilst your units may be a neutral colour bring this room alive with some colourfully coordinated accessories. Our advice to a recent seller meant that they hid away a number of everyday items but injected a few, carefully placed colour co-ordinated items such as mug tree, tea caddy and oven gloves,  guess what the next couple who viewed offered on the property,  the perfect result.

The key is to work the strengths of your Kitchen and look at it as if for the 1st time, because remember that’s exactly what your buyer is doing.

I’d love to hear about successful tips you’ve tried, so please drop me an email.












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