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How to make your home irresistible to buyers

How to make your home irresistible to buyers

It is said that 1st impression influence our thoughts and desires.  That’s why when it comes to selling your house we focus on the detail that will take your property from being, ‘just another property coming on to the market on someone’s e-mail alert’ to ‘WOW! That looks amazing and I want to know more’.

Over the years we have been asked to sell a wonderful selection of properties, varying from those that have been loved by the same family for years, those that have undergone fabulous transformations and those that are just waiting for their potential to be unlocked. In our experience achieving a successful and rewarding sale is about concentrating on the detail and drawing on the properties strengths.

We appreciate that with busy lives it is hard to live in a show home, however, if you want to make an impact when you’re selling your home it is important you draw on the strengths of your property, be it location, schools, space, garden or some quirky feature. Like you, other buyers will focus on what suits their needs and tailoring a search based on properties that put ticks on their wish list. We understand that it can be hard to see it at first, so ask your friends what they like about your home and discuss with an estate agent.  Remember the estate agent you choose should be there to work with you on getting this detail right. Discussions with them prior to putting your property up for sale should lead to you getting the presentation of your property right and help deliver standout images for your property launch.

Another important guide is the photographs that are chosen for your property launch, these shouldn’t give everything away. Why? Because the impact is made when your buyer’s sense of curiosity is sparked, enticing them to want to discover more and presenting them with an irresistible urge to book a viewing.This curiosity means that before booking a viewing most buyers will have driven past your property at least once and at different times of the day.  So, ask yourself does my home pass the drive-by test today?

Don’t sell your property short by not giving it the star treatment. Give it the attention it deserves. After all, aren’t you about to sell your biggest asset?









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