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How to secure viewing feedback and why it matters

How to secure viewing feedback and why it matters

I’d like to share with you a conversation I had recently with a lovely lady. She’d had her property on the market last year twice, each time with a different agents and neither had sold it for her. 

We were discussing her experience with viewings,  and how she’d always opted to do these herself as “ nobody knows my property like I do” a phrase we hear on a frequent basis.  Without question no one will know your property like you do,  however, I introduced to her the idea of how comfortable does being shown round a property by the owner really make a buyer feel?  The feedback we get from buyers when sellers use our professional viewings service is how much easier it is for them to really look round and take in the benefits a property can offer them when the owner isn’t there.  This was a concept my lovely lady had never considered.

Choosing our professional viewings service means that we will have taken the time to understand you and your property before the first viewing is booked.  It gives you the piece of mind that when buyers are introduced to your property it is in a relaxed and professional manner designed to make them feel at ease, allowing them to really understand the property and see how it can work for them.  Buyers feel they can ask the questions that they want to ask rather than the questions they feel they should ask.  

For you, it means that you get clearer and more instant feedback from buyers and we can ask them there and then the questions that are needed to gauge whether your property is a real contender for their shortlist.

All of this comes with the added bonus that you get time to meet a friend for coffee, spend the morning with the family or even go on holiday, whilst we’re selling your property.

Viewings are a time consuming and emotionally draining experience,  having a professional viewings service that can take this strain and secure buyers thoughts and feeling about your property without delay can ease the pressure and removing the painful and uncertain process of waiting for feedback.


Simon Chandler

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