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Should you wait until you’ve found a home you love before putting your property on the market?

Should you wait until you’ve found a home you love before putting your property on the market?

One of the most common questions we get asked when people are thinking about moving is, “Should I wait until I’ve found a home I love before putting my house on the market?”

Making the decision to move is a huge one, driven by many different reasons, whether it’s lack of space, too much space, location, lifestyle, family; and within these reasons there will also be a multitude of must haves, wants, don’t wants.
To help make this monumental decision, most turn to the property portals and quickly turn into a daily addict scrolling through for a property that catches their eye, going back to their favourites again and again, starting to imagine whether this could be the one, the house they’ve been dreaming of.
You’re going to have spent weeks, months, maybe even years in some cases, doing this. The chances are you’ve even booked a few viewings as you settle into the thought of moving. Many continue this process until BINGO they find the one, the one they’ve got to have, and they want it however much they find themselves totally unprepared to get it.
Don’t let this be you. In our experience, this property that you ‘must have’ is very unlikely to be the house you end up moving to; it’s simply the house that’s motivated you enough to get your property on the market. If you’ve put all your energies into looking for a new house and not balanced this with getting the right advice on your own property, and how to achieve the best result when it comes to selling it, then you’re going to push your stress levels through the roof, making decisions you will later regret.

Please don’t make the mistake of finding a home you love and then rushing to get yours on the market. If moving is on your mind, start by getting advice on your property and how to make sure, when the time is right, it will attract the right buyers.
As you start to move your search from online to viewing properties this is when you need to be putting your property on the market. It means you’ll achieve the best out of your current property, and it will mean you get the best out of your search. I can hear you now shouting at the screen, “What if I sell my house and I haven’t found a home I love?!!!”
A strange and wonderful thing happens once you have a buyer for your home. You will find your search automatically becomes more focused and, strangely, at the same time, more open. You’ll find yourself viewing things you’d previously discounted online. You’ll put aside all the wish lists and really understand what it is that you want. You will have put yourself in the driving seat and you will find a home you fall in love with, but maybe not the one you first expected to fall in love with.

If you’d like to get yourself ready for when you do find your dream home, give us a call, drop us an email, send us a message, whatever works best for you. We’re here for you, let’s chat.


Simon Chandler

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