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Why video sells homes

Today’s buyers have high expectations, they are used to buying goods and services with a single click, they expect to be able to see what they want, when they want it.   So why should their expectations be any different when it comes to buying their dream home.

Go onto any social media site and see what’s being posted.  With 500 million people watching videos on Facebook everyday* if your estate agent is sticking purely to the traditional methods of marketing your property then I’m sorry to say you’re missing out.

Time is precious and your buyer wants to be able to capture the essence of your property in under 1 minute, they want to be able to tag in their friends, share their new dream home with 1 click.  With 4 times as many people preferring to watch a video than read about a product* then you need to be tapping into this essential resource to be selling your property.

The experience doesn’t have to stop there as we can even arrange a virtual tour of your property, truly tempting buyers to give up their precious time and come and see your property for real.



If you’re interested in finding out more about using video to sell your home then please get in touch,  we’d love to hear from you.

Best wishes











Simon Chandler

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