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What are your photographs hiding?

What are your photographs hiding?

Okay so you’ve decided it’s time to move on, an agent is in place, you tidied up for the  photographs , you have gone live and enquiries are starting to convert to viewings. Great news or so it seems. However, if you haven’t had any requests for a second viewing and only received a cheeky offer read on….

Recently, I met a lovely lady whose house had been up for sale for some time, viewings a plenty but the feedback wasn’t really giving her anything constructive to work with. She asked me if I could shed any light as why, so we sat and talked through the photographs of her property on Rightmove. What quickly became apparent was what buyers were seeing online and what they saw when they came to view were in fact giving a feeling of 2 different homes.

The angle of the photographs online showed a beautifully styled home with plenty of space, the reality was that viewers found the rooms smaller than they had anticipated as large pieces of furniture had been carefully omitted by the photographer and most surfaces were packed full of wonderful and loved ornaments. While we all accept there is nothing wrong with this, after all you love the way it looks, buyers need to get a feel for how it would look with their furniture and memories in it.  We chatted freely about the steps she could take to make her property more appealing to those coming to view and by the end of the discussion she was beginning to tell me the things that she needed to start moving, reducing in number, put into storage or donated to charity after all its all going to be moved soon!.

A home that’s well presented for sale is very different from a home that simply has had their marketing photographs taken from a flattering angle. If the reality of each room is different to the picture the photographs are painting then this needs to be addressed if you want your viewings to convert to sensible Offers.

So don’t wait until you’ve had numerous unsuccessful viewings, or a string of silly offer to get the right advice. Sell your home the myplace way and get the right advice from the start today.

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Simon Chandler

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2 thoughts on “What are your photographs hiding?”

  • Jill

    30/04/2018 at 5:48 pm

    Hi Steph
    Thank you for this post. It totally underpins what we experienced following the sale of our own home some years ago. Further, the information and advice you provided for my friend was just amazing and gave her so much food for thought. It is incredible how you can help in so many ways with your keen eye, experience and knowledge. You are an expert sales agent who offers so much more than just the evaluation of the property. if I was considering selling my own home I would not hesitate to collaborate with you.
    Many thanks for helping my friend.

    • SDC

      05/05/2018 at 9:01 am

      Thank you Jill


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