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Selling your property in South Yorkshire, Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire ?

The personal, people-centred service that you’ll experience with MyPlace means we’ll take you from the home you’re in, to the home where you want to be. 

With our boutique service securing you a successful home sale with as much support as you need.

Here’s how we can help you.

Presale Preparation

We’re here to help you create the right 1st impression, from guiding you on the best price to market your property for, to helping you refine those all-important details that will make your home stand out from the competition.  With our expert teams’ experience, knowledge and know-how together we can ensure you attract the right buyers to your property.


Selling homes across three counties for the last ten years we understand what it takes to attract buyers from across the country.

Technology has its part to play, and your property will receive exposure to buyers throughout the country through social media and national property platforms.

Equally as important is the connections our friendly team has with active buyers seeking homes like yours. Our comprehensive buyer’s database and network of connections enables us to create an early match for buyers who’ve registered an interest in a home like yours.

Home Launch

We want the best result for our home sellers, and creating the right launch for your property is key.

That’s why your property will be introduced to those buyers we know are actively seeking a home like yours through an exclusive early preview.  This feeling of exclusivity is designed to maximise the value of any early offers on your property.

Your national property launch brings your home to life with lifestyle marketing that means your property will stop buyers in their tracks and entices them to want to find out more about what your home can offer them, leading them to book that all important viewing.

Securing you the right buyer

Yes, you only need 1 buyer, but our job is to find you the 1 right buyer. We’re here to look after you and achieve a sale that best meets your needs

Finding the right buyer is a careful balance, one that encourages openness and understanding so that when that all important offer comes through,  our expert team can enter negotiations on your behalf understanding what it is that you want to achieve and which buyer is best place to deliver this for you.


Your life is no doubt already incredibly busy, so adding the pressures of selling your property and often buying a new one into your already packed day is going to be challenging.  That’s why our experienced team are here for you, keeping the communication flowing, maintaining your sales momentum, and helping to deal with the bumps in the road that will inevitably occur in a professional and prompt manner.

Your next perfect place

Finding your new perfect place can present a whole new set of challenges, that’s why we’ve developed our home finder service to help you find and secure your new home.

Your move to your perfect place begins here.  When you’re ready to take the next step and book a home sale advice meeting, our friendly team are here for you.