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House hunting? Where you can’t find a door to open, create one

It can be hard to find your perfect place, the home you really want. Maybe you need somewhere bigger for you and your family, maybe you need to be closer to the city, maybe you crave a country cottage. Whatever your circumstances and whatever home you want, in a buoyant property market with more buyers than homes, it can be tough going to find it.

Your home maybe ready to sell, your finance in place, but nothing you see fits the bill.

We can tell you, we have been helping people find their perfect home for many years, and, experience has taught us, the perfect home DOES exist, it just might not present itself so easily, or in the usual way.

Being proactive will create your opportunity 

We firmly believe, as with a lot of other of life’s situations, it’s about creating the opportunity rather than waiting for it to happen that works.

As a young property surveyor, fresh out of university but in a less than buoyant job market, I learned early-on you mustn’t give up on what you want. Just because my dream job at my dream firm wasn’t falling into place straightaway, I worked out what I could do. I researched firms, I wrote letters, many letters, to one firm in particular. I watched the job ads every day in the paper. Then, I saw my dream job. As I’m sat in the interview, pinching myself, the conversation turns to why I want the job. I mention the letters, and, after, a moment’s pause the interviewer says, “Oh, that was you, was it?” The job was mine and I apply the same principle I learned then to helping buyers look for homes. You have to be proactive.”   Stephanie Evans myplace Director

How can you be a proactive home hunter?

Get in touch with us. It’s that simple. Don’t wait for the market to present your perfect place, because, in the current climate, that could be unlikely. Instead, create the market by speaking to us and telling us what you want.

We have more knowledge of what’s on the market, locally, and coming onto the market, than a thirty-minute scroll on the internet can offer.

We will approach areas, and properties, to ask if owners are thinking of selling. We advertise to potential home sellers, and we talk to many local people, gaining a knowledge of what may be coming on the market.

You could be the perfect buyer a potential seller is looking for.

If you’d like us to help you find your perfect place then get in touch today, we’d love to chat about just what it is you’re looking for, and how we can find it.

Why let my place find your next home?

If you are struggling to find your next home our Find Your Perfect Place service is just what you need.

  • We will help you to find the best property for your money
  • There’s no hassle – we do all the searching for you
  • We will approach properties not on the market
  • We will advertise ‘wanted’ properties to our network

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